Caption: Man irons clothes. No electricity.

Keywords: 2013, kilinochchi, no electricity, people, poverty, sevalanka, shops, water poverty

A couple bring wood to market on a 2 wheel tractor. Most people walk or take limited public transport in northern district of Sri Lanka. A school house in Pooneryn, Sri Lanka. No electric or running water. 200 kids share two squat toilets. Boys pull up their daily drinking water in Kilinochchi. Farmer irrigates his crops using a gas pump near a river. Kerosene lamp giving youth dim light to help with their daily studies. Walking or bike riding is most common means of transport. Bombed out school yard in Northern district of Sri Lanka. Children play nearby.   Typical latrine in northern district of Sri Lanka. Woman bathes with her children in river by house. This is the only running water in village. Man irons clothes. No electricity. Woman walking back to her home with a bucket of drinking water. She travels many kilometers daily in order to bathe and drink. Man and child at community well, bathing and cleaning their clothes. Market in Kilinochchi, Sri Lanka. No electric or running water. Container store in Kumulamanai, Sri Lanka. One of many fishermen tied to his net pulling in days bounty. After the men pull in the fish nets and take a break, the woman sort through the fish and prepare them to be rinsed and sold.  Father and son, clearing fish from their nets to be sold at market. Man made lakes  close to Kilinochchi, Sri Lanka.